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Prepare for and the upcomming chain upgrade using Cosmovisor.
Network: Mainnet | Chain ID: bitcanna-1 | Version: v2.0.3
Since we are using Cosmovisor, it makes it very easy to prepare for upcomming upgrade. You just have to build new binaries and move it into cosmovisor upgrades directory.
Node Version
v2.0.2 > v2.0.3
if you get an error looking at logs updating on nodes try updating available new version.

Make a stop node

sudo systemctl stop bcnad

Download and build upgrade binaries

Clone project repository

cd $HOME
rm -rf bcna
git clone
cd bcna
git checkout v2.0.3

Build binaries

make build

Prepare binaries for Cosmovisor

mkdir -p $HOME/.bcna/cosmovisor/upgrades/wakeandbake/bin
mv build/bcnad $HOME/.bcna/cosmovisor/upgrades/wakeandbake/bin/
rm -rf build

Start service and check logs

sudo systemctl start bcnad && sudo journalctl -fu bcnad -o cat